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Kate Northrup

*Digital Strategy • Course Design • Web Design • Graphic Design
web showcase of Kate Northrup
Kate Northrup teaches women to have more time and make more money while feeling less stress. How? Through data and soul driven feminine time and energy management practices.
When I began working with Kate, she had just launched her flagship product Origin®. A community built to help female entrepreneurs harness the power of their cycles and use it as a strength when running their businesses.
“Joe saw the bigger picture and made spot-on suggestions to improve our entire business strategy.” “His knowledge of online business helped tremendously with communication and the workflow of our projects. I absolutely adored the way Joe designed all of our course material. This is an area where we'd struggled to get excellent work in the past. Joe’s ability to distill information and create layouts that are both beautiful and user-friendly is unmatched.”
headshot of Kate Northrup Kate Northrup | Author & Entrepreneur | katenorthrup.com

Course Material Design

It was my job to transform the wealth of Kate’s knowledge and perspective and translate it into visually compelling, digestible material for her students.
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 1
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 2
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 3
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 4
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 5
Kate Northrup Course Material Design Inside page 6

Annual Calendar Design

Kate also had a website, a podcast, two books, live events, and an online course that were all a part of her bigger brand.
It was my job to create campaign collateral, sales pages, registration pages, and free resources to help launch and promote them as well as start to tie them all together so they could live under one roof.

Social Media Campaign Suite

*The logo and brand identities for The Money Love Course, The Kate & Mike Show, and Origin® were created by Natasha Lakos

Summer Innanen

Digital Strategy • *Brand Identity • Website Redesign • Graphic Design
Showcase of work for summer including a website, pdf, and podcast cover art design
Summer is a professionally trained coach specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence, and best-selling author of Body Image Remix.
When Summer came to me she was already playing the part of an industry expert and now she needed to LOOK the part. She had all the key pieces in place of a fast-growing business: passive income, a signature program, and a wait list for her 1:1 services.
But there were a few things missing...
Her website was outdated and difficult to navigate and her sales systems weren’t automated or streamlined. Her brand style had also evolved and she wanted something more bold and unique so she could stand out from her competition.
“Joe’s level of professionalism and design aesthetic blew me away.” “Joe took the time to understand the long-term vision for my business and the results I was looking for. He designed a website and the systems I needed to take my business to the next level. This saved me time and increased my sales. I can now use that free time to serve my clients and work on my most important projects. He possesses a unique blend of right and left brain talents and completely understands the online business landscape. He genuinely wants the best for your business. Hire this man, seriously!”
headshot of Summer Innanen Summer Innanen | Body Image Coach & Author | summerinnanen.com
One of the first things I did for Summer was create an entirely new digital strategy to help her optimize her sales funnels.
After that, I moved onto creating a more refined brand identity for her website and online presence. Summer wanted a gritty, urban look, but she wanted to communicate her edginess and colorful language in a classy and professional way.
Through the use of new photos and graphics, I was able to transform her brand to reflect the more badass and powerful leader that she is.

Mood Board Detail

image of mood board design
*The logo for Summer Innanen was designed by the folks at Rooftop Creative.

Lead Magnet Opt-in Detail

image of summer's lead magnet

Podcast Detail

image of summer's podcast cover art and section design

Heather Alice Shea

Digital Strategy • Brand Identity • Website Design • Graphic Design
Heather is an intuitive life coach and business mentor for new coaches dedicated to helping them break up with their comfort zone, live from their inner truth.
When Heather came to me she was ready for BIG change. She was no longer the same woman in the photos and her style had evolved. She wanted something more mature, more bold. Something that would fully resonate with her target audience. It was time for her to up-level and go pro.
“Joe’s a creative genius! ” “He has an innate ability to know what’s going to look good and what isn’t. He can read between the lines and know exactly what you’re going for even if you haven’t figured that out for yourself yet. This saved me both time and money along with the grief of going through the process of trial and error myself. What’s unique about Joe is his equal parts design and development. Usually, when you work with people to put together a website, they’re either heavy on the design or heavy on the development. Joe is equal parts of both, so it’s almost like you get a two for one in hiring him. He didn’t just create a website for me, he taught me how to use it so I can be in more control of my business. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!”
headshot of Heather Alice Shea Heather Alice Shea | MS, ACC - Life Coach Trainer, Intuition Teacher, & Mentor for Emerging Coaches | heatheraliceshea.com
One of the first things I did for Heather was create a fresh, new logo to reflect the new vision for her brand.
Heather wanted a logo that was simple, yet complex. She wanted it to represent the balance of controlled chaos on this planet and she wanted us to use her love for geometric patterns. The circle represents both an infinite cycle and planet earth. The complex, geometric pattern represents a juxtaposition of order and chaos since it only engulfs half the circle.
Through the use of her new logo, new photos, and graphics, I transformed her brand to reflect the more mature and powerful leader that she is.

Identity System Detail

Branding Guidlines Frame 1
Branding Guidlines Frame 1

Lead Magnet Detail


Dina Strada

Brand Strategy • Digital Strategy • Brand Identity • Website Design • Graphic Design
Showcase of work for dina Strada
“Joe took the time to get to know me and my vision.” “Before I started working with Joe, I was struggling to develop my brand and online presence. Joe took the time to get to know me and my vision. He asked specific questions to help me figure out the type of clients I wanted to serve, the services I wanted to offer and how I wanted to be seen in the marketplace. This gave me the focus and clarity I needed to take action. His level of detail and professionalism is exceptional. The best thing about working with Joe is his enthusiasm and energy. He genuinely loves what he does and comes to every session excited to help you. I now consider him a partner in my business and he’s someone I trust completely. I can't recommend him enough!”
headshot of Dina Strada Dina Strada | Writer & Relationship Coach | dinastrada.com

Logo & Mood Board Detail

image of mood board design image of mood board design

Mike Watts

Brand Identity • Logo Design • Website Design • Graphic Design
mike watts web design showcase

Mood Board Detail

mike watts mood board design
“Joe has the ability to create beautiful finished products intuitively and with minimal direction.” “He can take a project into his own hands, run with it, and deliver. He’s highly organized, a great communicator and knows how to manage, streamline, and take the guesswork out of the projects he’s working on. This was valuable to me because I could focus on serving my clients without wondering if and when something was going to get done. I highly recommend working with him!”
headshot of Mike Watts Mike Watts | Entrepreneur & Business Coach | mikejwatts.com

Opt-in Modal Detail

Mike Watts Opt-in Modal Design

Logo Detail

Mike Watts Logo

Podcast Detail


My Experience

  • Developing brand identity and branding guidelines
  • Designing logos for businesses and digital products
  • Designing high-end social media graphics for both organic and paid campaigns
  • Designing beautiful eBooks and presentations for webinars, lead magnets, and course materials.
  • Developing production workflows for design and original content
  • Designing websites, that connect, capture and convert
  • Designing beautiful landing and sales pages that are optimized for lead generation and conversions.
  • Designing, building and maintaining standard and membership Wordpress websites from blank frameworks and themes.

My Skills

  • Top-notch communication
  • An expert eye for good design, appropriate imagery, and branding identity
  • Working in fast-paced and high-intensity environments
  • An appreciation for details, spreadsheets, and organization
  • Ability to articulate why I came up with a specific design solution
  • Conversion-centric design
  • Coding knowledge (HTML and CSS specifically)
  • Quickly learning business software and maximizing its capabilities
  • Leveraging professional design software to create efficient workflows
  • Resourcefulness and an aptitude for solving problems

Want to get in touch?

Shoot me an email me at joe{at}joescoppino.com