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“Joe’s level of professionalism and design aesthetic blew me away.” “Joe took the time to understand the long-term vision for my business and the results I was looking for. He designed a website and the systems I needed to take my business to the next level. This saved me time and increased my sales. I can now use that free time to serve my clients and work on my most important projects. He possesses a unique blend of right and left brain talents and completely understands the online business landscape. He genuinely wants the best for your business. Hire this man, seriously!”
headshot of Summer Innanen Summer Innanen | Body Image Coach & Author | summerinnanen.com
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“Joe saw the bigger picture and made spot-on suggestions to improve our entire business strategy.” “His knowledge of online business helped tremendously with communication and the workflow of our projects. I absolutely adored the way Joe designed all of our course material. This is an area where we'd struggled to get excellent work in the past. Joe’s ability to distill information and create layouts that are both beautiful and user-friendly is unmatched.”
headshot of Kate Northrup Kate Northrup | Author & Entrepreneur | katenorthrup.com
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My Story

In early 2018, I left behind the hustle and bustle of NYC for a new season of life on the quiet southern coast of Maine. This fresh start led to an immersion in mindfulness, meditation, and men’s mental health.
Joe meditating in the morning in his living room
I began meditating daily (7 months straight and counting!), attending local workshops called Conversations in Masculinity where we unpack masculine gender norms and manhood in the modern era, and I’ve been writing about how these experiences have transformed my life. I’ve also become quite the book nerd– a total 180 from a guy who claimed to hate reading. My personal mantra is now “Know more than the day before.”

The accelerated growth I’ve experienced this past year has enhanced the conversations I have in my everyday life, as well as the collaborations I’m a part of, and the designs I create for purpose-driven businesses who, like me, want to make the world a better place.

But I wasn’t always interested in personal development or having a higher purpose.
In fact, just a few short years ago, I was commuting into Manhattan to design for an agency that advertised car insurance, grocery coupons, and adultery (yes, THAT infamous dating site). While there’s nothing wrong with getting accident coverage, buying cheaper food, and seeking affairs (okay, maybe not that one), designing ads for these kinds of things wasn’t exactly lighting my fire. Back then just about the only thing I looked forward to each day was my daily Chipotle burrito.
After 5 years of passionless advertising, I thought to myself, “Maybe I just need a ‘bigger and better’ job. Maybe THAT will do the trick.” So I got one. I was hired by a billion-dollar global agency that included all the perks and benefits you could want, and I lasted a grand total of… 3 months.
It was then, during the winter of 2016, that I found myself trading the fancy corporate career I’d blindly worked my way into for the road less traveled as a freelance creative working entirely from my laptop.
Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to design for personal development experts of all types– from life to business, to money, to health, wellness & spirituality coaches. I’ve seen firsthand just how much power and impact my talents can have when used intentionally.

While this path isn’t always easy, it forces me to grow every day. The freedom I’ve gained and the people I get to help through my work now have me waking up looking forward to much, much more than a burrito from Chipotle. (Have a project you think I’d wake up looking forward to? Let’s connect.)

When I’m not creating beautiful designs or contributing to conversations on mindfulness & men’s mental health, you'll find me in my kitchen perfecting a mean dish of chicken tikka masala, or exploring the beautiful state of Maine with my wife, Lisa.

What I'm Up To

Right now, I’m booking for the remainder of 2019.
Branding & Design: I’m interested in collaborating on brand strategy and design projects such as sales pages, collateral for online programs and courses, and starter websites for personal brands. I’m also available for consulting. (Here’s a peek at my work.)
Writing, Speaking & Teaching: If you’re looking for a contributing writer, speaker, or teacher for your publications or courses on mindfulness, meditation, and men’s mental health, I’d love to learn more.
Creative Opportunities: If you have another kind of creative project you’d like to explore with me, I’m always down to hear about new ideas and collaborations.
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