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My Work

“Joe’s level of professionalism and design aesthetic blew me away.” “Joe took the time to understand the long-term vision for my business and the results I was looking for. He designed a website and the systems I needed to take my business to the next level. This saved me time and increased my sales. I can now use that free time to serve my clients and work on my most important projects. He possesses a unique blend of right and left brain talents and completely understands the online business landscape. He genuinely wants the best for your business. Hire this man, seriously!”
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Showcase of Kate Northrup web design work
“Joe saw the bigger picture and made spot-on suggestions to improve our entire business strategy.” “His knowledge of online business helped tremendously with communication and the workflow of our projects. I absolutely adored the way Joe designed all of our course material. This is an area where we'd struggled to get excellent work in the past. Joe’s ability to distill information and create layouts that are both beautiful and user-friendly is unmatched.”
headshot of Kate Northrup Kate Northrup | Author & Entrepreneur | katenorthrup.com
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About the Guy Behind the Screen

You’ll quickly find out that I’m a high energy, self-motivated guy who loves to have fun and make people laugh. But make no mistake– when it’s time to get down to business, I'm ready to go!
Using a blend of strategy and intuition, I create designs that don't just look pretty– they also convert customers and turn them into raving fans.
I’ve worked with just about every type of business – from startups to mid-sized companies, to a billion-dollar global agency, to six and seven-figure online businesses. I've even worn the entrepreneur hat as a freelance designer.
Joe meditating in the morning in his living room
I meditate daily (183 days in a row and counting!), and I love to learn. My personal mantra is “Know more than the day before,” and I've always got my head in a good book or podcast.
Over the past year, I’ve been attending in-person workshops called Conversations in Masculinity where we unpack masculine gender norms and discuss what it means to be a man in the modern era.
I have a huge appreciation for art, film, and especially music (fun fact: I once wrote and recorded an original hip-hop track in a professional studio), and I view my keyboard as my instrument– when I’m in the zone listening to music and tapping out keyboard shortcuts, I’m the DJ of my workflow!
When I’m not creating beautiful designs, you'll find me in my kitchen perfecting a mean dish of chicken tikka masala, or with my wife exploring the state of Maine after moving from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

The Nitty Gritty Details

My Strengths1

I quickly weigh alternative paths and determine the best one. My natural ability to anticipate, play out different scenarios and plan ahead makes me an agile decision-maker.

I love to complete tasks and my accomplishments fulfill me.I have a strong inner drive– an innate source of intensity, energy, and power that motivates me to work hard to get things done.

I love to solve problems.My ability to analyze a situation, identify potential shortcomings and modify as needed makes me powerful in times of difficult crisis.

I love to learn, and I intuitively know how I learn best.My natural ability to pick up and absorb information quickly and to challenge myself to continually learn more keeps me on the cutting edge.

I capture people’s attention with what I say and how I say it.My ability to find words for my own and others’ thoughts and feelings highlights important messages and helps me make meaningful connections.

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My Experience

  • Developing brand identity and branding guidelines
  • Designing logos for businesses and digital products
  • Designing high-end social media graphics for both organic and paid campaigns
  • Designing beautiful eBooks and presentations for webinars, lead magnets, and course materials.
  • Developing production workflows for design and original content
  • Designing websites, that connect, capture and convert
  • Designing beautiful landing and sales pages that are optimized for lead generation and conversions.
  • Designing, building and maintaining standard and membership Wordpress websites from blank frameworks and themes.

My Skills

  • Top-notch communication
  • An expert eye for good design, appropriate imagery, and branding identity
  • Working in fast-paced and high-intensity environments
  • An appreciation for details, spreadsheets, and organization
  • Ability to articulate why I came up with a specific design solution
  • Conversion-centric design
  • Coding knowledge (HTML and CSS specifically)
  • Quickly learning business software and maximizing its capabilities
  • Leveraging professional design software to create efficient workflows
  • Resourcefulness and an aptitude for solving problems

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