Awesome words from my awesome clients.

I’ve supported dozens of small businesses in design, development and digital strategy. Here’s what my clients have said about me over the years:

Web Design & Brand Collateral

Headshot of Heather Alice Shea

Joe has an innate understanding of what is gonna work and what’s gonna look good and what isn’t. What this means to you is you save time and money and also the grief of having to go through the process of trial and error to figure out what’s NOT going to work, to be able to figure out what does, he’s gonna save you time and money on that because he knows how to do it quick, simple, and easy. Another thing I think is really amazing about what Joe does is he’s equal parts design and development. So usually when you work with people to build a website, they’re either heavy design, like they’re really good at making it pretty, but it’s not really functional, like they don’t really know how to code and make it functional, like, to monetize it. Or they’re good at the design but they can’t develop, or they develop but they can’t design. Joe is equal parts of both, so it’s almost like you get a two for one in hiring him, which is absolutely amazing.Heather Alice Shea | Spiritual Development Coach

Headshot of Alison Varsam

Not only did Joe create a beautiful, user-friendly website, he went above and beyond to help us get our business started, from setting up our email marketing, to ideas and strategies that helped us to promote our business. Our meetings were always precise, productive and focused, and he even broke things down to help us understand the technical aspects of the online industry.Alison Varsam | Entrepreneur

Headshot of Elise Duryea

Joe helped me design and launch a website for my business, crafted my on-site SEO and created a cohesive brand identity across both digital and print mediums. As a result, I’ve generated more business with my website due to my increased search traffic. Joe listens to my needs, provides great feedback, and makes modifications quickly. He’s been a valuable asset to my business, and I look forward to continuing work with him.Elise Duryea | Speech Pathologist

Headshot of Licia Morelli

Trust and execution of service are hard to come by in this online world and Joe delivers both. The logo work that he did is phenomenal – I get SO many compliments on it every time I post about it. The Mailchimp fix – that was a game changer – I went from a third of my list opening my emails to over half of my list opening consistently each time – it was amazing! My business is so much better from the work he provided.Licia Morelli | Best-Selling Author

Headshot of Matt Shapiro

From “soup to nuts,” Joe was responsible for creating original design concepts and cohesive themes across all printed materials for Cinemacon – The Official Convention of The National Association of Theatre Owners. He was even able to handle multiple projects simultaneously during a truncated production schedule. It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and we look forward to a continued working relationship together.Matt Shapiro | Operations Director, CinemaCon

Digital Business Strategy

Headshot of Gina Gomez

For starters, it’s been incredibly helpful to have an objective view on my business. I strategize on business for a living but can’t do it quite the same way with my own business because there’s an emotional attachment. Having Joe to brainstorm has helped me reprioritize and bring more profitable results with ease. My favorite thing is that he “gets it.” What I mean is that he understands the value of a strategy and how to do it. I appreciate that he uses it in all aspects of business because it’s how I think. It made me feel very comfortable and easy to trust him (which is a big deal to me) and to also have him help execute the strategy.Gina Gomez | Business Strategist & Coach