Episode #04: Why a website is never “just a website.” (BIG, juicy topic alert!)


Today’s episode is one that we’re really excited about and have wanted to do for awhile. The topic is a BIG one and we’re calling it: Why a website is never “just a website.”

This is an especially important topic for this time of year because we know most business owners, ourselves included, are planning, goal-setting and budgeting for the new year. And for you, one of the things you might be budgeting in is a new website.

We also know that the website topic can be a frustrating one. Whether you’re selling t-shirts or piano lessons (or any kind of product or service that’s not related to web design), we know this isn’t your area of expertise. So with today’s episode, we hope to give you a much better understanding about what goes into the web design process and how to actually get the help you need.

Here’s how you’ll know if today’s episode is for you:

  • ​​you’re ready to hire someone to build/or redesign a new website to launch in 2017
  • you’re not sure what the price of a typical website is and you want to learn more about what goes into them and why the investment can vary so much
  • you’re a web designer yourself who needs help strengthening your process and wants to hear what we’ve learned as a media company

And here’s some of the things you’ll learn in today’s episode:

  • our definition of a web designer (so you no longer have to wonder what the difference is between a ‘designer’ and a ‘developer’)
  • why building a website is like building a house (and other helpful analogies)
  • the critical first step to building a website and why we don’t recommend working with a contractor/company who doesn’t CHARGE you for this step
  • how to plan/budget for your website investment for the new year

Have a listen below and be sure to let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

Tune in Below!

Key Takeaways:

If you’re looking to revamp your website in 2017, step AWAY from the computer/website inspiration and focus on your GOALS as a business owner. Before even thinking about a website itself, think about what you need. Think about your budget and not just from a website standpoint. If you’re planning for the new year, think about what your projections are for the year. How much revenue do you estimate your business will generate and out of that, what percentage can you put towards marketing? Focus on your your business GOALS and those goals are going to dictate your needs and your investments for the new year.

PS– That CRITICAL first step to building a website? This is ours.