Episode #03: How breaking the rules can create more fun and consistency in your business



Question: Are you using [insert any social media platform or marketing strategy under the sun] because you think you should be– not because you WANT to or LIKE to?

Or do you find yourself marketing your business only when you’ve got something to sell (not a great feeling) which means having to constantly reintroduce yourself back into the marketplace each time?

Or worse: Are you not doing anything because you think you have to do EVERYTHING?

Then this episode is for you!

In Episode #03 of The Sunday Sauce, we covered:

  • how breaking the rules (or making your own) can actually help create more fun and consistency in your business
  • why marketing tips are general solutions– NOT the rule (hint: there are no rules)
  • the power of creating customized solutions around your unique goals and desires
  • the 3 c’s: context, content and consistency.
  • and more!

Tune in Below!

Resources from Today’s Episode:

Key Takeaway:

The best marketing plan for your business is a plan you’ll actually USE.

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