Episode #02: Fail fast and fail often, money vs. purpose, and knowing your process

The Sunday Sauce - Episode 1

In Episode #02 of The Sunday Sauce, we covered:

  • The evolution of a small business and the importance of failing fast and failing often
  • Joe’s transition from 9-5 job to full-time entrepreneurship
  • Lisa experience of choosing purpose over money and Joe’s experience of choosing money over purpose
  • the importance of knowing your process and educating your clients on what it’s like to work with you
  • finding your medium/the way YOU like to communicate best in your business

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Action Step:
Think of a service that you’re currently selling: take a look at the sales page, the copy you’re using, the steps you ask people to take to purchase it, etc. Now ask yourself: “Would I want to buy this? Do I like it makes ME feel?” If it doesn’t make YOU excited and you wouldn’t want to buy it, take it as a sign that there’s room to improve/repurpose or consider that it’s time to scrap it altogether. Remember: Fail fast and fail often.