Episode #01: From inspiration in unlikely places to social media addiction to the birth of The Sunday Sauce!


The Sunday Sauce - Episode 1

In Episode #01 of The Sunday Sauce, we covered:

  • how Joe found inspiration within the music industry to fuel his creative process
  • rearranging our 1-bedroom apartment for success
  • finding the “connectors”– how the fun things you do in your personal life can connect back to your business
  • Lisa’s social media “addiction” and her treatment plan
  • going from consumer and student to creator and teacher
  • the actual birth of The Sunday Sauce!
  • knowing your WHY
  • being conscious and intentional with your time
  • planning in your business and being flexible and patient as a new business owner
  • forgetting perfection and just going for it!

Tune in Below!

Resources from Today’s Episode:

*Bear with us! This was an impromptu recording session so Joe sounds a little far away (he was across the room), but we’ll make sure the sound quality is better in future episodes. In the meantime, just throw some earbuds in and pump up the volume!